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Who says hot water systems are boring ?? Maybe I should get a life because hot water systems really  ignite my enthusiasm. Have you ever stayed in a top hotel and used their showers ??.   Have you thought to yourself  "this is a fantastic shower I wish mine was like this at home".  

              “It can and it can be even better” !!!!.

Let me explain how that is possible. Here in the UK we were one of the first nations to have hot water systems in our properties. The Greeks were the first to use shower systems but it was many centuries later before we saw anything vaguely resembling a shower let alone a hot water system. It was not until the industrial revolution that domestic hot water systems began to be fitted to any extent in UK houses. Lead was the king and the term 'Plumber' was born derived from the latin 'Plumbum' the chemical symbol Pb is for lead. So storage and distribution of water became possible and was adopted widely. The principals of plumbing hot & cold water remained, and still do, to this day though the materials used are now very different.  We have moved on and nowadays we receive clean fresh water direct to our houses at high pressures, we have come accustomed to this and expect nothing less. We are able to harness that pressure the cold water supply provides us
with and transfer that to the hot water system. There are two ways we can do this. The first method is by installing a pressurized hot water cylinder and instead of having a cold water storage tank installed (usually in the roof space) feeding the hot water cylinder with it’s supply of cold water, we feed the cold water mains straight into the pressurized cylinder thus giving us hot water at cold water mains pressure. Diagram ‘A’ shows a classic open vented hot water system often refered to as a gravity fed system. Water is fed into the bottom of the cylinder, when full the water flows out of the pipe on top of the cylinder and to the taps/showers in the property. As long as the outlet pipework on top of the cylinder does not rise above the water level in the tank, water will flow. This is the principle of gravity fed systems, the cold water flowing down the feed pipe pushes the hot water out of the top of the cylinder, this
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