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Power flushing is the term used to describe the internal cleaning process of a central heating system. Power flushing eliminates the build up of unwanted substances such as sludge, limescale and corrosive deposits that accumulate naturally over time due to the constant flow of water through your central heating system. My Calflush Max powerflushing machine represents a substantial investment in this business and an aid to higher service levels for 50+ customers, the machine has the highest specification available to ensure superb results. Power flushing your central heating system will reduce any chances of unexpected breakdowns and expensive repairs. Sludge in the system quite often causes problems with ‘air’, are you bleeding the radiators constantly ?? if you are the system needs attention, the air may not be air but another gas, we can diagnose this problem and rectify it. Are there cold spots on your radiators ? this is a sure sign of a problem. The build up of magnetite (sludge) can cause not only severe circulation problems but also component failures as well, circulator’s (or pumps as they are widely termed) are very sensitive to corrosion as are ultimately radiators. Whatever the component it is not going to be cheap to repair, not to mention the inconvenience it causes. Our power flushing uses a power flushing machine along with chemical cleansing agents to ensure your central heating system is cleaned to the highest possible standard. The power flushing machine is connected to a suitable point on your central heating system and water and chemicals are flushed through at a high velocity ensuring the sludge and debris are dislodged and freed from your system. Although the water and  chemicals are pumped at high velocity, the pressure remains low to ensure your heating system does not get damaged during the power flushing process. If deposits are difficult to remove even with our
These are examples of sludge build up in pipework. The sludge is called magnetite and when left unchecked will solidify into the build-up you see here. Magnetite can also build up in radiators and boilers as demonstrated in the diagram (A)
Daigram (A)
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